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Bay Area: Not Your Grandparent's Real Estate


Greetings Wealth & Legacy Builders!

In this Real Talk about Real Estate (#RTRE) podcast episode, yours truly, #RTRE Host and Community Realtor®, Chi Chi Okonmah, addresses the very unique and, admittedly challenging, Bay Area real estate market and how it compares, or rather, doesn’t compare to real estate markets of the past, and/or markets in most other parts of the country.

I’m excited to share one of my strategies for supporting future home owners in first determining their buying goals, and then focusing their search to find their desired home as quickly and painlessly as possible, at the desired price.

Tune in and listen as we:

  • embrace Bay Area home prices & trends with a 2021 perspective and

  • explore strategies for a more focused, effective & profitable home buying experience

For additional home buyer resources, check out these pages on the C2O Realty website:

Until next time,

Live Wealthy

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