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Live Wealthy

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

#RTRE Episode 0: Live Wealthy


Greetings Wealth & Legacy Builders!

Welcome to the relaunch of the #RealTalkAboutRealEstate education series that begins with #RTRE Episode 0, entitled “Live Wealthy”.

In this debut episode, I will share:

1) a bit about myself

2) why I decided to launch #RealTalkAboutRealEstate, and

3) a preview of upcoming episodes

Tune in for a sneak peek into Season 1:

#RTRE Wealthy Buyers Series:

This Month:

- Episode 0: "Live Wealthy"

- Episode 1: "Top 10 Home Buyer FAQ's"

Next Month:

- Episode 2: "Bay Area: Not Your Grandparent's Real Estate"

- Episode 3: "The Home Buying Mindset" (Guest: Sonia Russell)

It is my sincere intention that the #RealTalkAboutRealEstate education series be a platform for learning, discussion, discovery, connection & networking, and ultimately, the revitalization of a new generation of wealth & legacy builders through home ownership.

Until next time,

Live Wealthy

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