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Make Space, Take Space

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Greetings Wealth & Legacy Builders!

If you’re reading this blog post, #YouSurvived2020

I’m not sure if that’s a real hashtag, but it’s definitely a real sentiment for many.

And my hope is that you not only survived the past year (with all of the abundance it brought), but that you also found sufficient time to make space & take space for yourself, for your thoughts, for your dreams and for your goals.

And if any of your thoughts, dreams, and goals involve buying, selling, investing or just learning more about real estate, then this blog is for you!

So, let’s spend some time & space together.

“Making Space. Taking Space.”

I’ve chosen this as my “theme” and personal charge for 2021.

Somewhat apropos, given that I’m a Real Estate Agent.

(Note to self: make a “space” playlist. Lol.)

I suppose it’s also apropos that my intention for the new year be focused on space at a time when many of us are still quarantined, sequestered, or, at the least, over-inhabiting our personal and shared spaces.

And then there’s the digital space!


Not to worry. This is not a tirade on technology. The opposite, in fact.

As I practice making more space for myself, and taking more space as needed, I am excited (mostly) to welcome you all to my newly designed, remodeled and renovated digital space!

(For those that know me well, insert appropriate emoji response here ☺)

It’s true. After nine Zoom months (and counting), I finally concede.

I accept & acknowledge that “posts”, “likes”, “clicks” & “swipes” have officially won.

(Insert 2020 Election jokes here).

So, as I invite you to partake of the many digital treats on my new & updated real estate website, I invite you also to join me on my 2021 space expanding and stewarding journey.

Via this blog, a newsletter, a podcast series, online workshops, and more, we’ll travel the real estate super highway together, and explore the many spaces and places it has to offer!

To hear more about what C2O Realty is up to in 2021, listen to "Episode 0: Live Wealthy" which kicks off the relaunch of the Real Estate education podcast series: #RealTalkaboutRealEstate.

Until next time,

Live Wealthy!

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