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Spring Cleaning

Greetings Wealth & Legacy Builders,

After a long, cold, and dare I say, eventful winter, I am very excited for Spring. And admittedly unoriginal, I had planned to leverage one of the season’s well-known adages, and pen this month’s blog on preparing for some good, old-fashioned “Spring Cleaning”. But as I began to write, it occurred to me that, many of us (having been quarantined in our homes for a full year now) may have already found the time to clean up our bedrooms & closets…possibly more than once. So, perhaps this particular Spring, the dust, dirt and clutter needing our greatest attention isn’t in the garage, but hiding in the corners & crevices of our subconscious.

Maybe you boldly stepped outside of your comfort zone, and your foundation feels a bit shaky now. Maybe you experienced a loss or setback this past year, and haven’t fully recovered yet. Maybe there’s a dream you’ve been deferring for over a year now, because you’re waiting for the world to “get back to normal”. Maybe you just wish you could get that darn hour back.

Whatever your experiences as a result of these unprecedented times, it’s quite likely that each of us has, at least a few boxes of limiting thoughts and beliefs stored in our unconscious minds. And what better time than the Spring, to reuse, reduce and recycle our unwanted beliefs and opinions about the world, about ourselves, and about our potential.

Spring is the season for new beginnings; planting crops into newly fertile soil. And, as any successful farmer would offer, you must sow (and tend to) an abundant variety of seeds in order to reap a bountiful harvest. For me personally, I’ve decided to plant my feet in completely unfamiliar soil this year and explore archery and axe throwing as one way to build focus and manage the stresses of growing a business. (I’ve got something for those limiting thoughts! :-)

But, seriously, is there an idea or vision trying to take root inside of you? How might you cultivate a more rich, fertile environment in your mind to grow and nurture those dreams?

And while you’re thinking of your list, here are a few suggestions to consider:

  • Give yourself permission to journal and/or meditate, at least, 5 minutes each day

  • Acknowledge and celebrate your successes; the large, medium and small ones

  • Acknowledge and be grateful for every lesson learned, especially the more painful ones

  • Don’t be afraid to start again and/or ask for help

No one can know what tomorrow brings. But each of us can play a part in imagining and dreaming for a better collective future. And what better time to dream than in the Springtime!

And if you’ve been dreaming of owning your own home, but don’t think it’s possible, I highly encourage you to check out our most recent podcast episode: “Episode 3: The Home Buying Mindset” on the #RealTalkaboutRealEstate education podcast series.

In this episode, single mom and small business owner, Sonia Russell, shares her inspiring story of overcoming her own fears and mental obstacles, and successfully purchasing her first home.

Until next time,

Live Wealthy!

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