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The Home Buying Mindset

Greetings Wealth & Legacy Builders!

I'm excited to share this episode of our #RTRE podcast series, entitled "The Home Buyer Mindset". In this episode, I sit down with my friend and recent home buyer, Sonia Raye Russell, to discuss what it took for a self-employed, single mother to be prepared mentally & emotionally for the home buying journey.

Tune in and listen as Sonia shares:

  • her fears about home buying and what she did to overcome those fears

  • the hardest part of getting pre-approved

  • advice for anyone ready to own a home, but afraid to take the first steps

Until Next Time,

Live Wealthy

About Sonia:

In 1999, Sonia helped to produce the Palm V launch event, and her love affair with event production and technology was born! In 2002, she launched World Meetings by Sonia to create, produce and execute world-class, tech-focused events and projects.

For nearly 20 years, Sonia has brought creativity, order, efficiency and care to each and every event. She enjoys the production journey as much as the final result—and it shows. Whether she is developing and producing an event start to finish, managing a keynote stage or dispatching volunteers, Sonia takes pride in an event that not only feels well managed and organized for the client, speakers and sponsors, but also provides a seamless experience for the attendees that exceeds their expectations. Sonia’s compassion, precision, commitment to excellence and servant leadership ensure a successful event every time.

Check back soon for an updated bio!

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